DOP Brigham Edgar and Sound Recordist Darren Franklin filming Ann Jones and Vicky Thompson chasing Osprey on Shorncliff Pier.

It was the realisation of a long held dream for Ian to work on the ABC TV flagship science series Catalyst.

In August 2022, Ian was brought in as Producer and Director to make an episode for Catalyst Series 24.

Titled “The Secret Life of Our Urban Birds – Brisbane”. The one hour, presenter led documentary was an epic project spanning four months.

Sourcing, structuring, scripting and shooting the seven stories shot over 12 days was complex and challenging.

The locations, scientists and presenter Ann Jones all had to line up, and then the stars of the show… the birds… had to show up on the shoot days.

Once shooting was complete, Ian spent seven weeks scripting and managing the post production on the episode.

It was a true honour for Ian to be part of this legendary Blue Chip science series and to work with EP Penny Palmer, SP Elle Gibbons and the elite Catalyst team.

The episode went to air on April 18, 2023 and screened as Episode 2 of Catalyst Season 24.

You can watch the entire episode HERE on ABC iview. You’ll just need to log in.

To view the combined TRAILER for Brisbane and Sydney episodes click HERE.

On Location at Oxley Creek Common

Cameraman Trevor Smith filming in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Producer/Director Ian Withnall, AP Hannah Draper, Presenter Dr Ann Jones, DOP Brigham Edgar, Sound Recordist Dean Gantor on Location.