A lot of people ask us about the origins of our name. Here’s the answer.

Palatine is an Italian word and is pronounced PALA-TEEN.

Palatine Productions is named after ancient Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy.

Palatine Hill was the cultural centre of Ancient Rome. It’s the site of the ruins of Augustus’ Palace and is the place where the first humans settled the area around 1000BC.

Roman Mythology says Palatine Hill is where Romulus and Remus were born in a cave and nurtured by the She-wolf.

During our trip to italy and Rome in 2009 we visited Palatine Hill and were truly awestruck and inspired by its’ history and grandeur.

When it came time to find a name for our new production company – Palatine Productions was the perfect choice.

The name Palatine epitomises our philosophy of “See The World”. It is a beautiful and timeless place full of endless and incredible stories, and a lovely word with many meanings.

Alistair Cantrill from Bullet Studios designed our beautiful brand and logo using classic Roman fonts, columns and gold leaf.


David Fontain at one iota has taken our existing brand and done a fantastic job designing our new website.

Here’s a few holiday images of the ACTUAL Palatine Hill from our trip.