Throughout 2022 Palatine Productions were the Queensland crew for a delightful new series called “Animals Aboard”.

Produced for Seven Network Australia by Beyond Action, this feel good show revolves around the transport of various animals around Australia and the world.

Palatine Productions producer/director Ian Withnall shot Koalas getting released, French Bulldogs on a road trip, a tiny assistance puppy on a big adventure, and a young Gibbon being moved across the country.

With Soundo Chris McCallum, Ian was able to indulge his animal lover instincts and interact with some fantastic contributors.

A big thanks to Sonia Harding and Fiona Hewish at Beyond Action for the booking and for being so great to work with.

“Animals Aboard” goes to air on Wednesday July 5 at 730pm. On Seven..

There’s a trailer for the show on our Portfolio Page HERE

And an official Beyond Action Trailer HERE