In 2020 & 2021, Ian Withnall has been one of the principal Director/Shooter’s on the Ob Doc Series “Aussie Mega Mechanics” Season 2 produced by WildBear Entertainment.

The ULTIMATE “Boys Day Out”. Those who know him, know that Ian is a total spanner head and loves working on or just being around machinery. Along comes “Aussie Mega Mechanics” Series 2 and you’ve got his best day at work ever!

Aussie Mega Mechanics” is an 8 x 1 hour series following the very talented mechanics and characters who work on, rebuild and repair MEGA machines.

With every serious mega sized machine comes serious deadlines, serious budgets and people who devote their lives to making these epic machines work hard in the toughest conditions.

Palatine Productions provided WildBear Entertainment with crew, extensive camera kit and assisted with logistics.

Out on the field, Ian was shooting and directing as a one man operation. Many of these extreme locations and organisations can’t  accommodate crew in numbers and access as always is key.

Behind the scenes, our Producer Sharen Kenny has overseen and organized our specialist kit & equipment, travel & accommodation, logistics and contracting.

Thanks to Wildbear Entertainment for having us on board for “Aussie Mega Mechanics” Season 2.

The series will air in 2021 on Discovery Networks in Australia and internationally.

Stay tuned for air dates in 2021. Its going to be MEGA!!!

Ian in the “Props Department”.

Crane cam showing the great heights Palatine Productions will go to to get the “A” story.

 High Viz Chic…. Take only what you can carry.