Palatine Productions are thrilled to be featured in a “behind the scenes” article in the February/March 2019 issue of The Australian Campdrafting Magazine, the VOGUE Magazine for campdrafting.

The Great Australian Campdraft was our first feature Documentary that successfully aired on ABC 1.

The Film tells the incredible story of Australia’s most unique horse sport, founded on working and mustering cattle in the late 1800′s.

The Documentary takes the audience on an epic journey rarely seen by outsiders and is a must see for all lovers of horses and the Australian Outback!

The DVD is now a collectors item with limited copies available.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the special edition Directors Cut of  “The Great Australian Campdraft” DVD featured in the article, please Click HERE to view the trailer and scroll down to the Buy Now button.

Or to simply purchase your copy of the DVD, please CLICK HERE.

For any enquiries, please contact Palatine Productions on 0418 747 371.

A huge thanks to Kate and Cameron Jones of The Australian Campdrafting Magazine for featuring us in their  fabulous campdrafting  magazine and to writer Amie Shann of “Nibbereena”, Clermount for her wonderful coverage of our story.

Enjoy and happy Campdrafting!