We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to create a 30 second vignette for Brisbane Arcade.

Here is the Portfolio Page for the Vignette but read below for a more detailed description of the shoot.

This piece was created to open the the Brisbane Arcade Group Show at the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival at City Hall.

We wanted to show a side of the iconic Arcade that is rarely seen.

We designed a brief with the simple message of “Hand Made in the Brisbane Arcade”.

As a filming location, you couldn’t ask for better. Everywhere you point the camera in the Brisbane Arcade is an image of beauty and elegance.

Our locations were on all levels of the arcade, from right up in the attic at Brad Webbs’ Darb Design studio where we showed Brad at work creating one of his gorgeous new gowns.

We spent time lighting and shooting at Beth-Wyn Couture Fabrics, Adam Graham Designer Jewellery and Room with Roses.

Beth-Wyn Couture Fabrics Screen Capture.

Room With Roses screen capture. 

Setting the props and dolly tracks in Voyager.

Adam Graham at work on camera.

As well as the locations in the Arcade we also filmed a cover photo shoot with model Molly Stanfield. The photographer was Cory Rossiter .

Filming signature shot with Molly and Photographer Cory.

Brisbane Arcade  were extremely pleased with the vignette and we have had some fantastic feedback.

It is currently on the Big Screens in King George Square and Queen Street Mall.

We got a great deal of pleasure creating this piece and want to thank all those at the Brisbane Arcade who helped make it such a success.