Treasure Hunting…. once it gets a hold of you there’s no turning back.

Ian Withnall has been working deep in Australia’s Outback leaving no stone unturned Field Directing and shooting on “Outback Opal Hunters” Season 2 and 3.

The first series was a hit for Discovery International, and Outback Opal Hunters returned with Ian along for the wild ride into the mines.

Lightning Ridge is the only place in the world where you find Black Opal. Ian has teamed up with a few crews of elite hunters in their quest for the rarest opal on earth.

Kelly Tishler, legendary Opal Queen takes viewers on a wild ride of boom and bust and back to boom as “Kelly’s Crew” burn the candle at both ends trying to extract the famous Black opals from the hard stone walls of the ridge!

Opalton, West of Winton in Outback Queensland is another location where Ian and the crew are digging for the beautiful stones.

Aaron¬†Grotjahn is a born and Bred Opal Hunter. He’ll stop at nothing to rip the hardest Boulder opal out of the hot red dirt of Western Queensland.

With a swag full of cameras, drones, gimbals, climbing and safety gear, Ian and the Prospero Production Crew are on dangerous ground, where every step is a challenge.

The Opal Hunters are on the roller coaster of feast and famine as this most elusive rock tests everyone’s metal to the max!

Great people, beautiful scenery and fantastic tales of treasure and danger, this show is as challenging as it is great fun to make.

All three series of outback Opal Hunters are on air on Discovery and 7mate.

Ian with Aaron and Jack Grotjahn at Dragonfly Opal Mine, Opalton, Outback Queensland.

Drone Shot by Greg Connors as Ian climbs out of Flooded Dragonfly Opal Mine at Opalton Queensland.

Cameraman Miles Brotherson and Director Ian Withnall, just a couple of Rough Necks about to go underground, Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW.

This is how you get into an Opal Mine….Little squeezy.

And down we go!

Room with a view …. of solid rock.

Ian and crew happy to start a day’s work down in the Lightning Ridge mine.

Prospero cameraman Miles Brotherson is understandably happy with his improvised Gopro Mount.

Where’s the Opal? Better watch the show.