Palatine Productions have once again signed up for more outback adventures in 2021, working on the brand new season 7 of “Outback Opal Hunters” produced by Prospero Productions.

With COVID border lockdowns, Queensland has been our focus and Ian Withnall has been out in Opalton, 177km southwest of Winton  and down in Yowah, 150k West of Cunnumulla.

Opalton and Yowah are the home of Boulder Opal, one of the rarest and most valuable of all Opal varieties.

Discovery Channel and production company Prospero Productions have very high expectations when it comes to the hugely popular Ob Doc series “Outback Opal Hunters”.

Pressure is on the Director to deliver not just compelling and entertaining story, but visually stunning footage and to keep crew safe and well under trying conditions.

The remote and extreme destinations are incredibly challenging, just getting to these locations requires two days of outback travel.

The conditions and schedules can take a heavy toll on both crew and equipment, but Director/DOP Ian Withnall and 2nd Camera and Drone Operators Cole McIntyre and Greg Connors always deliver great content.

Producer Sharen Kenny manages our back end, contracts and provides logistics and support for the crew.

A big thanks to Prospero Productions for having us back on board for “Outback Opal Hunters” Season 7. 

“Outback Opal Hunters” Season 7 is currently on air on Discovery Channel.

Interview with Joe Taranto

There’s always an Opal Dog.

Winter sunset Opalton, Western Qld.

Cameraman Greg Connors in the Improvised Macro Studio.

A working dog needs work boots. Our favourite new camera assistant.

Working in the Taranto Pit.