“The Polocrosse Story”

“The Polocrosse Story” is the Documentary you have been waiting for.

The real story behind Australia’s very own horse sport of Polocrosse leaves no stone unturned in its’ exploration of a very special game.

A new and fascinating look at the history of the sport, told by Mrs. Marjorie Hirst herself in an incredible interview never seen before. Cinema News Reel shot in 1940, just a year after the game was invented and a host of legends tell their tales and open their archives.

From the cute Sub-Juniors to Australia’s World Cup Team, Master’s, Open Events and everything in between. All locked in gritty competition amidst some of Australia’s most beautiful scenery.

Go behind the scenes with the craftsmen who make the unique Polocrosse equipment. Visit a training session, hear the passion behind the horse breeders and see how some of the country’s biggest Polocrosse events are organized and run.

“The Polocrosse Story” is perfect for all audiences and everyone will enjoy this refreshing and exciting look at a Horse Sport that offers a spectacle with few equals.


NOW available on DVD through The Polocrosse Association of Australia