Firies for Network 10

Best day at work ever! That’s pretty much how Producer/Director Ian Withnall felt when he first put on the fire fighting gear and joined Liverpool D Platoon Fire and Rescue Crew.

Embedded at Holsworthy Fire Station near Liverpool NSW for three months, Ian joined cameraman Col Budd and Sound Recordist Craig Bronger as the trio lived the Boys own Adventure.

Wherever and Whenever D Platoon went, so too did the camera crew.

Racing to fires in Western Sydney in the dead of night, cutting people out of car wrecks on the freeway, rescuing a baby locked in an apartment. Great TV.

Firies was a Branded Content series for Eveready Energizer, who to their credit, kept the branding to a minimum.

The series was produced by Endemol and went to air on Network TEN  in 2015.

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