Outback Truckers for Discovery & 7mate

Ian Withnall is a Senior Field Director and Producer for the high rating, global hit, Outback Truckers.

This is the promo for new Season 6. You can hear Ian’s voice as he directs Sludge for the opening lines.

Ian has Directed on Outback Truckers since Series 2 in 2013 taking him to every remote corner of Australia.

Outback Truckers regularly beats the viewer numbers of many of the Reality and Stripe Shows.

The program screens around the world in over a hundred and fifty countries. with a huge fan base.

This success is a testament to the hard working and talented team at Prospero Productions who make the show.

Outback Truckers 6 premiered in Australia on Tuesday May 8th 2018 @ 8.30 pm on 7mate.

Stay tuned each Tuesday night @ 8.30 pm 7mate for a trucking good time and romping adventure in the Australian Outback.

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